The first successful craft brewery was Litchborough Brewery founded by Bill Urquhart in 1975 in the Northamptonshire village of the same name. Many of the movement’s early pioneers passed through Litchborough’s courses prior to setting up their own breweries.

Although originally “microbrewery” was used in relation to the size of breweries, it gradually came to reflect an alternative attitude and approach to brewing flexibility, adaptability, experimentation and customer service. The term and trend spread to the United States in the 1980s where it eventually was used as a designation of breweries that produce fewer than 15,000 US beer barrels annually.

Today, Swift Creek Brewery creates new craft beer monthly, experimenting with flavors from around the world. Swift Creek craft beers include traditional pilsners and ales, whiskey barrel and caramel porters, a spicy habenero pepper hefeweizen, and many more! The brew master team is composed of three local friends — Mike Hahne, Chris Duke and Tom Bipes — they started Swift Creek Brewery in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2009.

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